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Dalian Roy Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

Dalian Roy Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of research and development, design and production of complete sets of system equipment.

Ln 1971, Daqing Oilfield introduced Milton Roy's dosing device from the United States.Milton Roy Milton Roy is a advanced chemical dosing plant. We have digested and absorbed Milton Roy's advanced technology and formed our own unique product features. Our company's designers have more than 20 years of professional design and industry experience, can provide customers with a complete set of optimized system design.

Our company's products mainly include various dosing devices, automatic continuous solution preparation system, complete set of sludge thickening and dewatering system, screw conveying system, dry powder dosing machine and agitator, etc. The core equipment of our complete set of systems are all world famous brands (MILTON Roy, Milton ro metering pump, bayares centrifuge separator, etc.). Our company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification.

Our company has perfect sales channels, technical support and after-sales service system, which can greatly ensure the reliability of user equipment.






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