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Six core advantages

  1. Wide range: our company mainly deals in the research and development of pump products; the sales of mechanical and electrical products (excluding cars), instruments and chemical products (excluding special approval), and provides technical consultation and after-sales services; import and export of goods and technologies (except for the items prohibited by laws and regulations; the items restricted by laws and regulations can only be operated after obtaining the license); Assembly of measuring instruments, metering pump, screw pump, reciprocating pump and complete set of dosing system (items that need to be approved according to law can be operated only after being approved by relevant departments).

2. Advanced technology: Milton Roy is the world's most advanced chemical dosing plant. We have absorbed and digested Milton Roy's advanced technology and formed our own unique product features.

3. Reliable quality: the core equipment of our complete set of systems are all world-famous brands (Milton Roy, Milton ro metering pump, bayares centrifuge separator, etc.). Our company has passed the IS9000 quality management system certification.

4. Professional team: our company's designers have more than 20 years of professional design and industry experience, and can provide customers with optimized complete system design scheme.

5. Perfect system: our company has perfect sales channels, technical support and after-sales service system, which can greatly guarantee the reliability of user equipment.

6. Supreme service: we uphold the professional, dedicated, professional work style, quality leadership, customer first business philosophy, willing to cooperate with all walks of life at home and abroad.

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