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Application scope of dry vacuum pump

2021-02-02 00:00:00

Reliable metering pump manufacturers, vacuum pump corrosion can be divided into two types: overall (uniform) corrosion and local corrosion. The former appears uniformly on the whole surface of the vacuum pump, while the latter only appears locally, such as pore corrosion, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion. The organic coating on the surface of vacuum pump with polymer composite has good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and adhesive properties.

Compared with traditional pressure vessel welding repair, reliable pneumatic pump manufacturer has the advantages of simple construction, low cost, safe performance and good repair effect. The wear of vacuum pump transmission parts is a common problem, including bearing position, bearing seat, bearing chamber, keyway and thread. The traditional methods are mainly repair welding and brush plating spraying, but both of them have some disadvantages: the thermal stress caused by high repair welding temperature can not be completely eliminated.

Easy to cause material damage, resulting in bending or fracture parts; However, brush plating is limited by coating thickness and easy to peel off. The above two methods can not change the "hard to hard" matching relationship. Under the combined action of various forces, it will still cause re wear.

Avoid the possibility of re wear, greatly extend the service life of equipment components, smoke, if the pump just started running, it is normal, but if long-term smoke, it is abnormal. Solution: smoke indicates that there is maintenance outside the pump inlet, including pipes, valves and containers. After leak detection, the smoking was finished.

Oil free dry mechanical vacuum pump (also referred to as dry mechanical pump) refers to the pump can start pumping from atmospheric pressure, and can be pumped gas directly discharged to the atmosphere, pump cavity without oil or other working medium. Dry mechanical vacuum pump is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry distillation, drying, defoaming, packaging, etc. to prevent organic solvent pollution, it is suitable to use dry vacuum pump.


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