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Exhaust effect of vacuum pump

2021-02-02 00:00:00

The vacuum pump oil in the vacuum pump can not only be used as the medium to obtain vacuum, but also can lubricate, cool and seal the mechanical friction points. In the vacuum pump cavity, the volume changes continuously to form the exhaust effect, so the lubricating oil is required to have proper viscosity and viscosity temperature characteristics. With the continuous improvement of the speed of the pump, due to the high-speed friction between the pump and the pump.

It is recommended that the manufacturer of pneumatic pump, when the oil temperature rises, the oil is easy to oxidize and decompose, especially when the diffusion pump often works in high temperature environment, so that the vapor pressure in the system increases and the vacuum degree decreases. The extraction oil is required to have good thermal oxidation stability. Vacuum pump oil is one of the most important properties of vacuum pump oil. Due to the high vacuum requirement of vacuum pump, paraffin based narrow fraction lubricating oil is generally used.

Diffusion vacuum pump can also use silicone oil or other synthetic oil with very low vapor pressure. If there is corrosive gas during vacuum pumping, it will react with the oil and cause corrosion to the components in the pump; Vacuum pumping often contains water vapor condensate, which causes oil emulsification of vacuum pump and metal corrosion. Therefore, good anti-corrosion and anti emulsification are required. Generally, the vacuum pump is not required to take light components, so as not to affect the saturated vapor pressure of the oil.

Motor power, speed and vacuum pump matching, not adjustable. The fan is installed on the main shaft of the motor. The speed of the motor determines the speed of the fan and cannot be replaced. Increasing the number of fan blades can play a certain role, but after increasing the number of blades, the dynamic balance is not easy to find. If the alignment is not good, the motor vibration will increase.

The axial flow fan has high speed, high air pressure and high cooling effect. Under the same environment temperature and load current, the main engine temperature is reduced by 12 ℃. The main motor temperature in summer will not exceed the limit again. The axial fan can be controlled manually, and it can work normally after the main motor is shut down, so that the main motor can be fully cooled.


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