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What is a dry vacuum pump

2021-02-02 00:00:00

Reliable complete set of dosing equipment company, dry screw vacuum pump is a pump equipment which uses a pair of screw to rotate in the pump shell at high speed and in reverse direction. The two screws are adjusted by precise dynamic balance, supported by bearings and installed in the pump housing. There is a certain gap between the screws. Therefore, when the pumps are working, they have no friction, stable operation and low noise. The studio does not need lubricating oil.

It is recommended that the complete set of dosing device company, therefore, the limit vacuum is even higher when the dry screw pump can extract gas containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust. It is an updated product of oil seal / water ring / jet vacuum pump. The double blade design is very similar to the popular and widely used roots pump. In fact, some of the earliest design concepts for dry pumps were stacked Roots pumps. This multi-stage design makes the gas passage quite complex.

A large flow of nitrogen is required to dilute and isolate. At the same time, in order to achieve a good vacuum, there are very strict requirements for the clearance at all levels. Of course, due to the increase of internal compression ratio, the power consumption of this design is relatively low. In addition to using a pair of non equal distance screws, the basic principles of internal compression screw design and external compression screw design are very similar. The reduction in volume between screws results in compression inside the screws.

Due to internal compression, this design reduces its power consumption to the same level as the multistage pump. But in many processes, such internal compression, like multistage pump, can easily cause the physical and chemical changes of the gas in the pump, which leads to solidification or liquefaction. The oil-free piston vacuum pump, which periodically changes the working volume of the pump chamber (cylinder) to pump air through reciprocating piston movement, is also called piston vacuum pump.

The piston type vacuum pump is similar to the reciprocating plug compressor. During operation, the suction pipe is connected with the vacuum vessel, and the exhaust pipe is directly connected with the atmosphere. Piston vacuum pump can be used in vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, vacuum crystallization, vacuum filtration, vacuum drying and concrete vacuum operation.


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