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Centrifugal compressor

2021-03-23 11:45:49
Centrifugal compressor

1. SHENGDAYIN compressor brief description:

     Syndyne is a subsidiary of Hamilton Sundstrand, a division of United Technologies. Shengdayin is a high-tech company with a high reputation in aviation and industry. Sundyne was formerly the aviation division of Suntran. In 1950 a contract was signed with Boeing to manufacture a high-pressure water-injection pump to increase the thrust of the jet engines of Boeing aircraft during take-off. It was from this unique high-speed single-stage Centrifugal pump that Suntran began its business. In 1962, invented the World Shengdayin high-speed Centrifugal pump. In 1965, the company, in partnership with a well-known Chemical Company in the Gulf of Mexico, introduced this design for aviation in the hydrocarbon process industry and developed the SHENGDAYIN process gas compressor. In 1999, the company changed its name to Centaline. So far, more than 50,000 shengdayin pumps and more than 2,000 shengdayin high-speed Centrifugal compressors have been installed all over the world. Shengdayin compressor can meet the requirements of API 617 and API 614 API 617 specification, including instrumentation, performance testing, performance analysis, low vibration gear box and high performance lubricating oil system. API 614 specification uses a separate or integral lubricating oil system.



3. Product Features and advantages:

   Shengdayin compressor has more than 40 years of experience in process compression. Shengdayin compressor with low flow, high speed, integral gearbox speed-up technology for technical characteristics, can be used in many occasions using volumetric compressor. Compared with Reciprocating compressor compressors and screw compressors, shengdayin compressors have the following advantages:

Reliability of Centrifugal compression

Oil-free compression

No outlet pressure pulse

The basic requirements of the unit are low

Small footprint




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