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Barrel pump

2021-03-23 17:06:17
Barrel pump



          Lutz Pump Company in 1954 in Frankfurt, Germany, Fujian plant, is the world's professional design and production of liquid material barrel pump (barrel pump) multinational company, in the industry in a leading position. Since its establishment, the scale has expanded rapidly, in the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria have subsidiaries (plants) to meet the needs of users in different regions. Lutz pump specializes in helping customers solve problems in the delivery and accurate measurement of liquid in drums, whether flammable, explosive, toxic or strong acid, strong alkali liquid, or a variety of high (high transport viscosity up to 120,000 cm) , medium and low viscosity liquid, liquid companies for different properties will provide different solutions. Lutz's TR, TS series flow meters effectively meet the requirements of a variety of process measurement, whether process control, process safety, process loss control, Lutz can provide appropriate products. Lutz flowmeter has simple structure, various functions, and can be calibrated. From simple to modular design, the cost of investment can be controlled. All Lutz Meters are CE certified, and the explosion-proof design is ATEX certified. Lutz and Lutz barrel pump can be a perfect metering system, can achieve local and remote self-control functions, of course, with other non-pulsation pump, on-line pipe or with gravity gravity gravity gravity gravity system. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, coating, food, surface treatment, water treatment and so on. It can be used in all kinds of common environment and explosion-proof occasions

2. Product model and parameters:

The Lutz Bucket and container pumps are constructed to ensure the safe and economical transportation of neutral, corrosive, flammable and explosive liquids from containers of different sizes. They will be used to pump water and low-viscosity liquids and can be moved or fixed.


Explosion-proof barrel pump series

Application: Organic solvents and other hazardous and flammable liquids

                    or hazardous environments

Motor: Me II series electric explosion-proof Motor, MD series pneumatic motor

PUMP TUBE: 316 stainless steel SS, NICKEL BASE ALLOY HC

TRAFFIC: Max. 210 Lmin

Head: Max. 20 M water column


Explosive Rating: EEX DE IIC T6


Medium viscosity screw pump HD-E

APPLICABLE: acid-base, oil, pigment, food and other general medium 

                     viscosity liquid

Motor: Single Phase Motor 0.55 kw

PUMP TUBE: 316 SS stainless steel (sanitary grade)

TRAFFIC: Max. 20 lmin

LIFT: 4 Kg

VISCOSITY: 500 ~ 4,000 CPS


High viscosity screw pump series

Application: Resin, Glycerin, honey and other high viscosity chemical raw materials and food raw materials. Can Be quickly disassembled and cleaned

Motor: Ma II series electric motor, ME II series electric explosion-proof Motor, MD, DA series pneumatic motor, three-phase motor

PUMP TUBE: 316 SS stainless steel (sanitary grade)

FLOW RATE: 12 ~ 120L/min

Head: 8 Kg

VISCOSITY: 1 ~ 120,000 CPS

Lutz's TR, TS series flow meters effectively meet the requirements of a variety of process measurement, whether process control, process safety, process loss control, Lutz can provide appropriate products.

Lutz flow meters are made of Plastic and metal to measure liquids that are thin to high viscosity. They are suitable for all applications-whether mounted on a mobile pump system or on a stationary pipe.

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Tr SeriesTs Series

Application with barrel pump

10 ~ 120l/min

Low viscosity liquid, 20cp 

material: PP or PVDF

Working pressure: 2 Bar 

Temperature: 10 ~ 40 °


 accumulation/5 component display

Days relay module

Modular composite structure


Weight: O. 23 to 0.36 kg

Application of barrel pump and pipeline process


Higher viscosity liquid, 4000CP

MATERIALS: PPO, PPS, 316 stainless steel

JOB STRESS: 4 ~ 10 bar

TEMPERATURE: 60 ~ 80 degrees

Non-flammable and flammable liquids

Stop Start/total accumulation/automatic batch control

The display panel can be rotated 90 degrees and 

installed remotely

Explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof relay modules

Can Be upgraded through module assembly


Weight: 1.0 to 3.6 k

3. Application:

We have the right pump to deliver exactly what needs to be pumped:

§Acids and bases, chemical solutions, organic and Inorganic compound

§Fuel, diesel, oil and additives

§Acid-base solution, etching solution, pickling solution, sewage

§Solvents, thinners, hardeners, paint coatings, inks

§Cutting oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, gear oil, detergent, penetrant

§Essential Oils, vegetable oils, foods, medicines, disinfectants

§Epoxy, rubber, adhesives, glues, low viscosity oils, emulsions, syrups, glucose, cream, Mousse

Professional metering pump manufacturers

Professional metering pump manufacturers

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