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Bag filter system

                                      Mechanical cleaning filter

Eton's bag filters and filter bags are widely used in the global industry and form the industry standard. Liquid bag filter is divided into a single bag and multi-bag filter, according to the material of stainless steel, PP and PVDF filter, while supporting more than 1500 different materials, different structure of the filter bag to choose from, eton's bag filter system provides customers with a unique high quality and efficient solution.

 Eton's pipe filters are widely used by customers to separate waste from liquids to protect pipe equipment. Products include automatic cleaning filters as well as Duplex filters, Simplex filters and y-type filters. Designed and manufactured to Eton's specifications, the casting or assembly filters meet the vast majority of applications. For Complex, specific industry applications, pipe filters can be redesigned and manufactured to meet practical applications. Pipe sizes range from 1/4"to 48"for pipe filters.

Pipe filter

Tubular backwash filter

Tubular automatic backwash filters, including the small and efficient AFR series and the Modular design F series, are used to filter a variety of water quality fluids with an accuracy of up to 2 microns, such as oil well water injection, nozzle protection in various industries, process equipment protection, etc. . An Afr filter occupies an area equal to 1/5 of that of a traditional "one" arrayed filter. An AFC filter provides 1-1650 micron nominal filtration with a pressure of up to 500 PSI.

 Ronningen-Petter patented DCF/MCF Series Mechanical Melon Plate self-cleaning filter, leading technology, has a wide range of applications, it is especially used for high viscosity fluid (& GT; 500cps) filtration. MCF uses magnetic coupling technology to ensure no leakage, simple structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance, applied to a variety of chemicals, coatings, resins, adhesives, latex, ink and so on. DCF self-cleaning filter and MCF magnetic coupling filter reduce the product loss, without operation, to achieve continuous filtration.


Gas-liquid separator


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  Eton's gas liquid separator protects expensive system components, such as turbines, and separates potential hazards, such as moisture and particles, from air, water vapor, and gasoline. A wide variety of cast or assembled separators can meet the needs of different customers around the world.

 Eton's LOFTREX filters can be used in industries such as critical chemicals, paintink, water, electroplating, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, microelectronics and cosmetics.

Important Industries and applications

Chemical Industry

Catalyst Recovery; removal of water pipe scale; liquid clarification; filter acid, Alkali, solvent; filter emulsion and dispersion; filter resin in the colloid. In the fine chemical industry, removal of activated carbon or catalyst is a typical example of high requirements. Eaton's filter bags can meet the stringent requirements of these applications, with high filtration efficiency and long service life and reliability.

Pharmaceutical industry

Recovery of expensive active materials; recovery of catalysts; removal of Activated Carbon; filtration of Gelatin, hormones, vitamin concentrates; filtration of Herbs; removal of proteins from plasma; filtration of Brine.

Food and beverages

Purification and filtration of beer, wine and whisky; removal of particles from Edible Oils; removal of carbon inks from fibres and stickies from gelatin; filtration of syrups, concentrated fruit juices and Corn Syrup; starch, milk and beverage production. Eaton's filter bags not only meet the different and special requirements of these applications, but also meet the FDA and EEC standards in the food industry.



Filtration of lubricating oil and fuel additives; oil recovery; filtration of Amine Liquid and glycol liquid; gas purification process; distillation and fractionation process; Amine Washing Machine; offshore filter station; drilling oil and injection fluid.


Auto manufacturing

Pre-treatment, electrophoretic paint, topcoat and varnish filtration; Primer, paint loop filtration; part cleaning fluid, filling mixture, lubricating oil, metal working fluid and pre-pump filtration.

Electronics, semiconductors

Wafer manufacturing processes, electronic etching grooves, photochemical polishing, high purity water filtration and pre-filtration as multi-mode filtration to extend their service life, cleaning is one of the important factors to achieve success in the electronics industry, because the chemicals need to be constantly filtered to a very low particulate content, Eton's bag demonstrates the required efficiency and consistent performance.


Removal of paint agglomerates; solvent filtration; removal of impurities formed in storage; filtration on packaging and mixing lines; monomer purification.


Pharmaceutical industry

Bearing cooling water, chest roll cleaning water, clarification water, cooling tower water, ambush roll cleaning water, dryer cleaning water, watermark roll cleaning finishing roll cleaning water, blanket cleaning water-inside, blanket cleaning water-outside, shaft seal water, high pressure blanket cleaning water, Lake Water, public water, press roller cleaning water, reuse water, river water, recovery tank water seal, loss of paper tank water seal, cut edge paper recovery tank water seal, cut edge water needle, vacuum box lubrication water, vacuum pump water seal, net department cleaning water, groove press roller cleaning water, well water, blanket cleaning water.

Metal cleaning

Filtration of hydraulic oil; pretreatment filtration; recovery of Precious Metals; metalworking fluids and filling mixtures. Use our filter bags to reduce residual impurities in parts.

Water treatment

Well water filtration; Water Treatment Plants; silt removal; scale removal from water pipes; removal of sand and algae from seawater; Ion-exchange Resin; removal of Calcium Crystals; chemicals for wastewater treatment; and dust removal from cooling systems. In surface water filtration applications, it used to be all about the filter core, but today, the high efficiency and long life of Eton's high performance filter bag is a more cost effective option.

Resins, polymers, inks, dispersions

Oil and polymer filtration; dispersion, polymer production; can coatings with resin, plastic synthesis, paper coating, high purity inkjet filtration.

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Metering pump manufacturer consultation

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