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Magnetic pump with plastic lining

2021-05-10 13:49:18
Magnetic pump with plastic lining

Magnetic drive pump (magnetic pump for short) is the principle of permanent magnetic coupling applied to centrifugal pump products, reasonable design, advanced technology, with a full seal, no leakage, corrosion and other characteristics, its performance reaches the advanced level of foreign similar products. The magnetic pump replaces the dynamic seal with the static seal, which makes the over-current parts of the pump in the state of complete seal, and completely solves the problems of running, flowing and dripping that can not be avoided by other mechanical seals of the pump. Magnetic pump selection of corrosion-resistant, high-strength engineering plastics, stainless steel, etc. as manufacturing materials, so it has a good corrosion resistance, and can make the transmission medium from pollution.

Structure Features: Metal Lined Plastic pump body, both with the high strength of the metal pump and plastic pump with strong corrosion resistance. Impeller and internal magnetic injection molding, high strength, moving ring using high-performance plastic material, wear resistance, in high-speed operation is not easy to damage; pump shaft using nano-grade ceramics and SSIC material, corrosion resistance, suitable for all kinds of chemical delivery; External magnetic high-performance permanent magnetic material, strong performance, durable, non-demagnetization. Dynamic balance detection, strong stability, compact structure, beautiful shape, small volume, low noise, reliable operation, easy to use and maintenance.

USES: widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, food, printing, scientific research institutions, national defense industry and other units pumping acid, lye, oil, rare precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid, as well as the circulation water equipment matching, filter matching. In particular, easy to leak, flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous liquid pumping, choose this pump is more ideal.

PERFORMANCE: Flow: Up to 150m3/h

 head: UP TO 50M 

working temperature: Up to 150 °C

Material of components: pump 

body: metal lining PFA/ETFE pump 

shaft: Al2O3 / SSIC bearing: Carbon/PTFE CF/SSIC 


Plastic-lined magnetic pump company

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