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PRIMEROYAL Metering pump

2021-05-10 15:01:57
PRIMEROYAL Metering pump

The excellent reliability of primeroyal series metering pump is due to its reliable structure and modular design. Primeroyal series metering pumps have strong adaptability. Different hydraulic end and flow control options can be selected according to the specific requirements of different applications. With more than half a century's rich experience and advanced pump design technology, the metering pump manufacturer allows you to have a longer continuous use time before regular maintenance.

Robust and field proven design and flexible modularity make primeroyal series metering pumps suitable for a variety of applications

Industrial process. Primeroyal series metering pumps can provide accurate metering for a wide range of liquid parameters. The flow rate of triple pump can reach 25941 L / h (6853 Gal / h).

Trustworthy history

With more than 75 years of experience, Milton law combines a large number of industry technologies, reliable track records and continuous technical improvement to provide customized solutions for various processes. Milton law provides more reliable and comprehensive metering pumps for the market. Each pump is designed to exceed customer expectations, with a world-class network of well-trained field engineers and after-sales support.

With universal modular design and multiple selection functions, primeroyal series metering pumps can be precisely configured according to your application.

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