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Main application of metering pump

2021-02-02 00:00:00

The address of the metering pump manufacturer, the metering pump mainly has two kinds of common valve pump and valve free pump. Plunger metering pump is widely used in petrochemical industry because of its simple structure and high temperature and high pressure resistance. In view of the shortage of common plunger pump with high viscosity medium under high pressure condition, a kind of valve free rotary piston metering pump has been paid more and more attention. 

The contact number of metering pump manufacturers is widely used in the measurement and addition of high viscosity medium such as syrup, chocolate, cement grinding aid and petroleum additive. Because the structure of the separation between the metered medium and the lubricant in the pump can not be realized, the plunger type metering pump is limited in the application of fluid metering with high pollution prevention requirements. The metering pump suction is abnormal and rotates to 100% of the stroke length.

This allows the entire set of components to rotate to align the back plate drain hole with the bottom end of the pump. Adjust the hydraulic end and diaphragm to the right position during the operation of the pump. For reaction time, the pulse duration may not be long enough. Compared with the standard pulse width of 80msec, the pulse width extension of flow monitor can be activated to increase the pulse width to 300msec.

Activate the intelligent switch, remove the cover of the fixed circuit board and remove the jumper X-1. This activated the expansion function. Before the fault indication, more time was allowed for the electromagnetic metering pump to drive the diaphragm to and fro in the pump head by using the electromagnetic push rod, which caused the change of the volume and pressure of the pump head chamber. The change of pressure caused the opening and closing of the suction valve and the drain valve, and realized the quantitative suction and discharge of the liquid.

Electromagnetic metering pump is a kind of metering pump driven by electromagnet, designed to deliver liquid in low pressure pipeline with small flow. It is popular in the industry with simple structure, low energy consumption, accurate measurement and convenient adjustment. The design principle is "simple and practical". However, its shortage is small metering flow and low pressure requirement for pipeline. In some ways, it limits its working condition Industry applications.

Contact number of metering pump manufacturer

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