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Which company is good to sell metering pump

2021-02-02 00:00:00

The metering pump manufacturer recommends that the metering pump is a special volume pump which can meet the requirements of various strict process processes, and the flow can be stepless adjusted within 0-100% range, and is used to transport liquid (especially corrosive liquid). Metering pump is also known as quantitative pump or proportional pump. Metering pump belongs to reciprocating positive displacement pump, which is used for measurement, and generally requires that the stability accuracy of metering pump shall not exceed ± 1%.

With the development of modern industry towards automatic operation and remote automatic control, the matching of metering pump is strong and suitable for medium (liquid) is particularly special. Metering pump is a special volume pump which can meet the requirements of various strict process flow, and the flow can be adjusted steplessly within 0-100% range, and is used to transport liquid (especially corrosive liquid).

The motor drives the worm through coupling and makes the spindle and eccentric wheel rotate by reducing the speed of worm gear, and reciprocating movement is made in the sliding adjusting seat of the eccentric wheel with the movable bow type connecting rod. When the plunger moves backward, the pump cavity gradually forms a vacuum, the suction valve opens and the liquid is inhaled; when the plunger moves forward, the suction valve closes, the discharge valve opens, and the liquid is discharged when the plunger moves further.

The continuous pressure and quantitative discharge liquid are formed when the pump is reciprocating and returning. Metering pump is a kind of fluid conveying machine, its outstanding feature is to maintain a constant flow rate independent of discharge pressure. The function of conveying, measuring and adjusting can be completed simultaneously by using metering pump, thus simplifying the production process. With multiple metering pumps, several media can be input into the process flow accurately to mix.

Because of its own outstanding, metering pump has been widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial fields. The motor power is transferred to worm and worm gear to realize deceleration and rotation, which causes the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism to move reciprocally, and drives the plunger to produce hydraulic force. The travel adjustment mechanism consists of crankshaft, eccentric wheel, adjusting nut, adjusting screw rod, adjusting handwheel (handle), dial (pointer) and ruler, and the relative stroke of plunger can be achieved by changing eccentricity.

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