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Working principle of liquid ring compressor

2021-02-02 10:23:34

The principle of the liquid ring compressor is that the impeller is eccentrically arranged in the cylinder body, and a certain amount of water or other liquid is injected into the cylinder body. When the impeller (rotor) rotates and reaches a certain speed, due to the centrifugal force, the liquid will be thrown out to form a liquid ring, which is attached to the inner surface of the cylinder block. The crescent cavity is formed between the impeller surface and the liquid ring and consists of several chambers with different volumes (basic volume).

High quality metering pump manufacturers, with the rotation of the impeller, the volume of each chamber increases or decreases periodically. The suction and exhaust ports correspond to the end covers on both sides of the cylinder. Thus, the impeller can rotate for one circle, and the process of suction, pressure, discharge and possible expansion can be realized in each basic volume. A part of liquid will be produced by gaseous discharge, so a certain amount of new liquid must be added at the suction port.

Liquid ring compressor is a kind of compressor which is based on the principle that the impeller is eccentrically arranged in the cylinder and a certain amount of water or other liquid is input from the cylinder. Through the offset rotation of the impeller in the cylinder, the volume of the cylindrical cavity composed of the liquid ring attached to the inner wall of the cylinder and the impeller changes, so as to compress and transport the discharge pressure of the compressor liquid ring.

In the operation of liquid ring compressor, the blade stirs the liquid, resulting in a great loss of energy, which is almost equivalent to the power consumption of compressed gas. So the efficiency of liquid ring compressor is very low. Ordinary vacuum pump consumes less power, so liquid ring compressor is often used as vacuum pump. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, easy operation, less vulnerable parts, low exhaust pulsation and noise, etc.

In addition, the liquid has sufficient cooling effect, and the final temperature of compressed gas is very low, so the liquid ring compressor is suitable for compressed gas, which is easy to decompose when compressed at high temperature, such as acetylene, carbon sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. The liquid ring compressor is not in direct contact with the cylinder, and it is especially suitable for the compression of highly corrosive gases (such as chlorine).

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