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The wide application of high speed pump

2021-02-02 10:29:04

Due to its structural characteristics, high speed centrifugal pump has been widely used in oil refining, petrochemical, aerospace and other easily evaporating media, such as liquid ammonia, liquid nitrogen, liquefied gas, etc. High speed pump, also known as high speed shunt pump, belongs to centrifugal pump. Its basic working principle is similar to that of ordinary centrifugal pump, which mainly uses the speed increasing function of speed increasing box to increase the rotating speed of working impeller to several times of ordinary centrifugal pump.

Regular pneumatic pump manufacturers, it uses to increase the speed of the impeller, increase the speed of the impeller along the fluid line, to achieve the purpose of high lift, to overcome the shortcomings of most multistage pumps. The high speed pump developed in 1962 by St. dyne company is widely used in oil refining, petrochemical, energy, chemical, food and other industries. It is suitable for small flow and high lift applications. High speed centrifugal pump is generally composed of motor, speed increaser and pump.

The methods to realize high speed are gear speed increasing, belt speed increasing and frequency conversion. The flow passage parts in pump body generally include guide wheel, impeller, pressure chamber, guide bracket, etc. The impeller type can be selected according to different occasions, including open type, semi open type or fully closed type. Such a disc blade impeller can be approximately considered to have constant speed rotation when it rotates in the annular space.

In practice, there is no relative flow between the rotating liquid flow in the pump shell and the impeller, and the impeller and the water flow maintain a rigid relationship. Therefore, it is different from the original form of the pump, its advantage is that it will not cause leakage loss due to the return flow from the mouth ring, and even if there is a large gap between the impeller and the shell, and the disk friction loss is small.

Only a small part of the fluid is transported at the inlet of the diffuser, while most of the rest is still rotating in the annular space. Because the general centrifugal pump is discharged by the impeller fluid, and then through the pressure chamber diffusion tube output, so this kind of pump is also called "half flow pump" (fluid out).

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